Image Search New Ways to Be Found

Bing Adds New Shopping Details to Image Search

This is great news and highlights the importance of getting your images ranked high on the Image Search Engines from Google and Bing.

More and more people are using image search as a way to find products and services. Plus, most of your competitors have not figured this out. Optimizing your images for your keywords so that Google (and Bing) can rank them makes it easier to win with competitive industries or products. The fact that Google (and Bing) have dedicated an entire search engine to this should be an indication of its importance!

Below is an image of Greg’s iPhone Stand which usually ranks #1 on images searches. Notice the little shopping cart icon at the bottom of the image. Click it to make it bigger.


Bing Image Search – “Places To Buy”


Bing Image Search – “Places To Buy”

Bing has launched a feature that adds more data to product images, including competitive  pricing for the same item sold at different stores, reviews and ratings and store availability.

It’s referred to as “Places to Buy Beta” showing the store availability of the product. In the example above it links to where Greg sells his iPhone Stands on Amazon.

This is a Beta test while Bing is rolling out a new image search feature.

Users can simply find the new “Places to Buy Beta” by clicking on the shopping cart option under the image. 

As Covered in Chapter 3 – Overall Highlights of Image Search

YouTube Statistics

YouTube Amazing Statistics and Trends

Our chapter on YouTube is by far the longest and emphasizes one of the fastest growing areas for marketing your business on the internet. Activity on YouTube also increases your ranking on the regular Google search results – as long as you know how to optimize your videos properly.

Most important to know is that YouTube is owned by Google!

youtube statistics

  • It’s the #3 most visited website in the world
  • It’s the #2 most popular search engine right behind Google itself. Yes, technically, it’s a search engine for videos.
  • If you want to know what future generations will be paying attention too, just know that according to a survey by Variety magazine, among US teenagers aged 13 to 18 – their most influential figures are YouTube channels, not mainstream pop stars!     See the Variety YouTube Teenage Pop Star Article here

The Closest We’ll Get to the Google Rules – Rater Guidelines

Google Discloses Their Rules with the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines

In November of 2015, Google quietly made available a PDF downloadable document called Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. Folks, this is the closest thing we have ever had to a step by step guideline to what Google thinks is important.

google search quality evaluator


Google even offers a scale for it’s raters to use:

google quality rater scale


We are proud to say that not only do these guidelines validate what we wrote in Greg’s first book in 2008, but our latest book here aligns with Google’s philosophy here as well!

Click here for Google’s Philosophy and you will see #1 is “Focus on the user and all else will follow”

Greg Has Always Stressed White Hat SEO and…

“Provide good content that your visitors will enjoy enough to stick around, share with their friends – and come back for more.”

Below are some points that emphasise this – taken straight from Google itself:

Responsive Website Design in Pictures

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Do it with Responsive Website Design.


responsive website design

By JOSE LUIS DOBUSS ( [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

We know that Google favors websites that are mobile friendly. In fact, Google gives us a website to “test” our websites for being mobile friendly.  Here is the link: 

So, how do you create a mobile friendly website?  One that adjusts to any device that one of your website visitors might be using?  It’s called Responsive Design.

Amazon SEO Can’t Beat ‘Em Join ‘Em

Over Half of all online purchases in 2015 were on Amazon

amazon seo

For our ecommerce business we fought Amazon for years. Finally we decided to join them through the FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) program – and our sales increased.

Online Sales Stress Shipping Companies to the Max

Online Sales Are Blowing the Numbers Out – Are You In?

Delivery companies are struggling to keep up, causing some delays, but they say systems are running as planned – even if they could not plan for this kind of increase

online sales stress delivery companies

By Raimund Stehmann [GFDL ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

103 million people shopped online over Thanksgiving weekend, while only 102 million people shopped at brick-and-mortar stores. For Cyber Monday sales hit a record-breaking $3.07 billion,  up 16% over last year and 3.2% more than predicted – according to Adobe Systems Inc.

Read more about online 2015 holiday sales and delivery companies


Google Mobile Friendly

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Keep in mind that over half of searches are done on mobile devices now. That means that standard page layout is turned on its head. You need to think about how your site looks when users are scrolling down with their thumb.

Google knows that over half of the searches are performed on a mobile device. They have been warning us for years to be mobile friendly. More importantly, we need to accommodate over half of our customers!

In 2015 Google came out and told website owners to get mobile friendly or be penalized. They have never made a statement like this before—so you better pay attention.

This is the first time in history that Google has pre-announced an upcoming algorithm change and they are calling it “significant,” which got our attention. Google is even giving a website address where you can check to see if your website is mobile friendly: Google Mobile-Friendly Test website 

google mobilr friendly

Google Mobile Friendly Test Example – We’re Good!

Google says a mobile friendly website meets the following criteria as detected by Googlebot: