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Our presentations offer a unique approach to achieving high ranking on the free Google search results, also known as SEO “Search Engine Optimization”. We make this topic fun and exciting – that is, if you think increasing sales and growing your business is fun!
We only talk about the free stuff . The presentations do not include any discussions on paid internet advertising like the Google Adwords program and this is not a class on how to build a website.
These presentations are geared more toward existing website owners who want more sales from their website. Those new business owners thinking about building a new website will benefit as well, enabling them to participate in their website design – being an educated client for the website designer. After all, the business owner knows their business best and should be guiding the website designer in these matters.

* This is not about how to cheat the system. That will only get you in trouble with Google… We only talk about “white hat” SEO techniques which Google actually encourages.

*Presentations assume basic PC computing skills on the Windows or Apple (Mac) operating systems.
We talk the business owner’s language, limiting the technical jargon. Business leaders appreciate our real world examples of what’s working right now – from our own businesses.
For our University of Texas at Austin classes we even offer our students the chance to contact us before class with specific concerns and then use their example in class (with their permission) – making it even more “real world”. We would be happy to customize a presentation or workshop for your organization.
Presentation Versions:

  • One Hour
  • Two Hour
  • Three Hour

This full day workshop includes the presentation combined with audience interaction through live website critiques and break out sessions.

University of Texas and City of Austin SBDP Class

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Google: Make Sure Your Customers Can Find You!
Google: Make Sure Your Customers Can Find You! provides hands-on, step-by-step instructions for getting websites found through high ranking on the free search results on Google and other search engines. Using real world examples, local author Greg Bright will present Search Engine Optimization (SEO) using non-technical, layman’s terms -from one small business owner to another. SEO is all about getting high ranking in the natural search results, and it is free. This class is taught by a University of Texas Adjunct Instructor and counts toward the 6 course requirement needed to earn your Small Business Success Skills Certification.
Date / Time: Click Here for Calendar Location: Entrepreneur Center of Austin, 4029 South Capital of Texas Highway #110, Austin, TX 78704 Fee: $35 includes the author’s book and light snacks. For Information: 512-974-7800 View more detailed information…
Sample Handout

Google: Make Sure Your Customers Can Find You!

Your customers are searching for you – will you be found?
What are the benefits of an attractive web site, if a consumer cannot locate it through a search engine? Do you have a “Billboard in the Desert” where no one can see it? 99% of internet customers are going to find your website through a search engine, and Google owns 70% of the search engine market. The best news? These “natural” search results, unlike the sponsored internet ads, are free. Here are a few simple techniques to help your website get on page #1 in Google’s search results.

  • A free “Local Business” listing on the Google Map – the quickest way to get your local business listed at the top!
  • Keyword Strategy (your page “Title” is most important).
  • Google Image Search – possibly the most overlooked technique for getting your website’s images on this fast growing search tool.
  • Using Keywords in internal site links.
  • How to Avoid Penalties (keep Google’s Golden Rule in mind).
  • Yet, simply being on the first page is not enough. The searching public has to choose your website from those search results – learn how to stand out and get chosen.
  • Back Link Strategy (other websites linking to you).
  • YouTube Videos – the hottest thing in Search Engine Optimization! Google is the most visited website in the world and YouTube is #3 (Hint – Google owns YouTube).
  • Blogs & WordPress
  • Facebook – Google is watching like a hawk

Utilizing high ranking techniques, Greg Bright has successfully funded, launched & licensed his patented laptop stand (, owns several small businesses in Texas and has published his book – Play Googles Game. Bright is a Contributing Editor, Author, Business Consultant, Inventor, Manufacturer, Artist, Patent Holder, University of Texas Instructor, and owner of numerous #1 ranking websites. Bright can be reached at