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Google Will NEVER Call You

You will never, ever receive a phone call from Google. Folks, we can’t stress this enough!

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100% of those phone calls you get, pretending to be Google, or promising to “Get you on Google” Or “Get you on the Google Map” ARE SCAMS!

You should have zero compassion for these liars. Simply say “Please take us off your list” and hang up!

Email Purchase Scam

Beware of Scam Emails to Purchase Product

We get these type of scam emails daily. They are almost always from a non-domain specific email address, like Gmail, Aol, Yahoo, etc.

Because you’ve read our book and you are now very good with optimizing your keywords – These emails are usually inquiring about a a generic product they find on your website through a keyword search, and then it almost always ends with … “Please let us know the cost and please let us know what forms of payment you accept.” All of which is on our website!

Once you start corresponding with them, there are 101 ways ways they can scam you , all the way from sending you a check, then canceling it 30 days later, long after shipment has occurred. DO NOT EVEN RESPOND!

See the screen capture below – This one was particularly tricky and did not follow the typical pattern. However it still has all the signatures of a scam. They lead a unusually polite greeting “Good Day” –  (buyers are hardly ever this polite) 

Then they call out a product we sell “BodyBit 24/7 Chairs” and then continue with a templated email referring back to it as “…if you have this “product” in stock. They are always in a hurry “emergency”.

email purchase scam