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Google Loves WordPress – Garden Variety Website Builders Hurt Your Business – I’ve been Saying This All Along

When you’re using WordPress, Drupal, or any other open-source platform, you have the ability to do literally anything you want with your website.

These page builders are everywhere – Don’t be lured in by the ease of use. Learn WordPress, it’s free, it’s not that hard, and you do not have to use the WordPress HTML code editor option to build a website. Even though these website builders claim the incorporate SEO – They really do not – It’s a smoke screen.

Google Loves WordPress

The Closest We’ll Get to the Google Rules – Rater Guidelines

Google Discloses Their Rules with the Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines

In November of 2015, Google quietly made available a PDF downloadable document called Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. Folks, this is the closest thing we have ever had to a step by step guideline to what Google thinks is important.

google search quality evaluator


Google even offers a scale for it’s raters to use:

google quality rater scale


We are proud to say that not only do these guidelines validate what we wrote in Greg’s first book in 2008, but our latest book here aligns with Google’s philosophy here as well!

Click here for Google’s Philosophy and you will see #1 is “Focus on the user and all else will follow”

Greg Has Always Stressed White Hat SEO and…

“Provide good content that your visitors will enjoy enough to stick around, share with their friends – and come back for more.”

Below are some points that emphasise this – taken straight from Google itself:

2015 Holiday Internet Sales Already up 8.5% Over Last Year

Internet Sales Already up 8.5% Over Last Year 

2015 holiday internet sales

By Petr Kratochvil [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It’s Thanksgiving day, and already internet sales are up over 8.5% over last year. It’s a great time to be marketing and selling online indeed! AND mobile phones accounted for almost half the website visits and  1/4 of the sales!  Is your site mobile friendly?

Read more about the increases in Holiday intent sales here



Clear Your Browser Cache to Check Google Ranking

Clear Your Browser Cache First or You will Get False Positives When You Check Your Own Google Ranking

In order to check your Google ranking, you must Clear Your Browser’s Cache to get an accurate reading of your rank – or use a different browser that you are not logged into – still clear your cache.

Google and other browsers save your search history and preferences in a “cache”. Their goal is to display websites that they think you will like. Of course if you have visited your own website often on the browser you are logged into, it’s going to show your website high in the rankings – probably #1.

We use Google Chrome for our personal web browsing.

When we want to check our ranking, we hop over to Internet Explorer to search. Even then, you’l want to clear your cache between searches to clear out any history.

On the Internet Explorer browser, click the three dot icon on the top right click:
Settings –> Clear Browsing Data –>Internet –> Choose What to Clear and check them all.

Partial screen shots below – showing only the top right corner of the Internet Explorer web page

clear your cache check ranking


Then Click “Clear Browsing Data”

Buy Our Book on Amazon

Here is the Amazon link to buy Play Google’s Game.  Amazon offers free two day shipping to Prime members. You’l find over 101 SEO tips to get high ranking on Google and other search engines.

seo book

Play Google’s Game: 101 Easy tips to optimize your website for higher Google search results! Offers Discounts to Google Products for NonProfits

We’re a fan of all Google’s products. Although, all we talk about in our books are the free products from Google and other internet platforms, Google offers discounts for Nonprofits to use their paid products. That’s pretty cool!

Google for Nonprofits “We offer highly discounted or free tools such as Google AdWords, Google Apps, Google Earth and Google Maps to nonprofit groups to help them find new donors, work more efficiently, and encourage their supporters to take action.”


Mobilegeddon – Mobile Friendly Websites

Google has announced a change in their ranking algorithm effective today. They are calling it significant. which should get your attention.…/mobilegeddon-could-impa…/26090627/

This is the first time in history that Google has pre-announced an upcoming algorithm change.

Google is giving a website address where you can check to see if your website is mobile friendly:

Hurrah for WordPress! – made it all easy to convert to a mobile friendly website theme.