Google Loves WordPress – Garden Variety Website Builders Hurt Your Business – I’ve been Saying This All Along

When you’re using WordPress, Drupal, or any other open-source platform, you have the ability to do literally anything you want with your website.

These page builders are everywhere – Don’t be lured in by the ease of use. Learn WordPress, it’s free, it’s not that hard, and you do not have to use the WordPress HTML code editor option to build a website. Even though these website builders claim the incorporate SEO – They really do not – It’s a smoke screen.

Google Loves WordPress

Backlinks The Bane of SEO

#Backlinks continue to be the bane of SEO. Of course it was how Google originally got started, by ranking websites solely on the number of backlinks (that was kind of a no brainer)
Fast forward to today… In general…
“Activities in which you are in control of the link are the kinds that Google has focused on removing their link power.”

However, Google’s latest advice focuses on promoting your website in order to get backlinks. Just as any normal business promotion would go. Then, AND ONLY THEN will Google count that Link. WHY? Because you were NOT in control of receiving that link.

My guess is that they have some badass algorithm to catch the backlinks that YOU control, versus natural organic links from folks that actually like your site.

How To Prevent YouTube From Showing Competing “Related” Videos on Your Embedded Video on Your Own Website

Is embedding YouTubes into your website good for #SEO ?? We are currently studying this issue… #YouTubeOnPageSEO … We’re not talking about optimizing YouTube videos for higher ranking on YouTube itself – that’s a must do and we have devoted a whole chapter to it in or book.

We’re talking about embedding the YouTube player into your website which allows your video to play in that window on your website. We are studying this issue. Note, for some weird reason, embedding actually slows down your page load speed, which is a conundrum, since Google wants us to show good content and Google owns YouTube??? – More on this later. HOWEVER – Note that you should add some extra code to the embed code that Google gives you so that YouTube does not show related videos form your competition. Adding the parameter rel=0 will only show related videos from YOUR YouTube channel – which is a great thing!** You have to add the “rel=0” parameter (without the quotation marks) directly after the video ID number. 4uuIXq1twNQ in the below text. NOTE: the embed code form YouTube no longer contains this parameter at all (it used to say rel=1 – which shows competing “related” videos. Just make this one tweak before popping the embed code into your website.
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen=””></iframe>

email Marketing Is Bad For SEO

Is #emailMarketing good for your business? Does it really work? I say NO! I’ll prove it below… Spend your time optimizing your website for higher Google Search results.

I rarely look in my spam folder (who does?). Gmail automatically filters what they consider spam emails to that folder. I recently looked in there for an email that I was missing. While there, I noticed that several email lists that I actually would like to receive were being funneled there.

How does a business’s email end up being funneled to the spam folder?

#1 They constantly send too many emails.

#2 They don’t send interesting emails.

#3 It’s easier for their subscribers to hit he spam button in their email client, than it is to follow the links back to the marketer’s website to “Unsubscribe”.

It doesn’t matter how it hapens, it just happens!

WORSE YET – The doamain tied to that email (AKA – your website – the part after the @ sign) gets flagged by Google as a #SpamWebsite
* Google owns Gmail, so they are watching!

Interesting that an email from #MyThemeShop ended up in my spam. This is one of the largest developers of WordPress website themes…. It seems like if they can’t figure it out, no one can.

Screenshots below from my spam folder:

Google Will NEVER Call You

You will never, ever receive a phone call from Google. Folks, we can’t stress this enough!

seo book back

100% of those phone calls you get, pretending to be Google, or promising to “Get you on Google” Or “Get you on the Google Map” ARE SCAMS!

You should have zero compassion for these liars. Simply say “Please take us off your list” and hang up!