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Step Up To Greater Content

website content for google ranking
Your Readers and Google Love Greater Content

Great #WebsiteContent
By now I’m sure all business owners have figured out the value of a #BlogPage on your website. This is one of the best (and up-to-date) articles I have seen on creating GREATER content. I devoted a whole chapter to this topic, glad to see my recommendations are still relevent!
“Today, you should be creating greater content – content that informs, excites, and enriches the lives of your readers.”

Google Image Search

#GoogleImages – Do you need to buy good images for your website?

Google Image Search

Google is now allowing folks who want to sell, their images to show this to searchers looking at their images in the search results on the Google Image Search Engine. We have a whole chapter devoted to using Google Images to promote your business.


Google Image SEO Stock Images?

We devoted Chapter Three to winning with Google Image Search.

* Hint: It’s much easier to win than competing on a regular Google Search…

We’re not a huge fan of stock images, because… well, uhmm, they look stock. Searchers want to see the real deal and a stock photo screams POSER!

Remember to always use best practices when using an image on your website. Reduce file size, use keywords separated by hyphens for your file name, and always include an ALT tag. Our image below has the file name of: google-image-search-stock-photography.jpg

Google Image Search Stock Photography

Here is an interesting article on stock images and how they could affect your ranking on #GoogleImageSearch

Does Schema Help Your Google Rankings?

Google has claimed that Schema markup is NOT a ranking factor. However, according to this study from Search Engine Land, we think it helps… A Lot!

“As the above case studies show, adding appropriate schema can create significant traffic boosts for your pages. However, as with any SEO tactic, we should never treat it as a magic pill.”

Learn more at

GoDaddy – More User Friendly

If you ever talk to an “expert” in the website design business – 90% of the time they are going to recommend Host Gator instead of GoDaddy. In fact the “pros” often poopoo GoDaddy. This always perplexed me because I have had nothing but 100% positive experiences with GoDaddy managing over 300 domains and several hosting platforms over the past 15 years…

Then I discovered the truth – it’s all about more commission for the website designer.

I also got a real life comparison of the two. A few years back I volunteered to manage a non-profit’s website, and they were already using Host Gator. I managed this website for three years, and not only was the interface way more awkward and cumbersome to use than GoDaddy’s – I always had to wait 30 minutes or longer to get to a live person at the help desk. In the 15 years that I have been with GoDaddy I have always been able to reach a live person as soon as I call – zero wait times. In addition, that live person was always knowledgeable and answered my question immediately. Maybe those “pros” don’t need as much hand holding as us real business owners, but then again, those pros always tell the business owner that “SEO is included” with their website design – HA HA

The link below earns me a buck, and costs nothing more to you. Yeah – I’m a capitalist ; )

$1*/ mo hosting! Get going with GoDaddy!

Backlinks – Do Not Worry Which Kind You Get

Any link is a good link, as long as it is a natural link. In other words, you didn’t pay someone to place it on your website.


“The better strategy is focusing on why the top ranked sites are top ranked.”

Natural, Organic #Backlinks good… Spammy bad

Google Loves WordPress – Garden Variety Website Builders Hurt Your Business – I’ve been Saying This All Along

When you’re using WordPress, Drupal, or any other open-source platform, you have the ability to do literally anything you want with your website.

These page builders are everywhere – Don’t be lured in by the ease of use. Learn WordPress, it’s free, it’s not that hard, and you do not have to use the WordPress HTML code editor option to build a website. Even though these website builders claim the incorporate SEO – They really do not – It’s a smoke screen.

Google Loves WordPress

Backlinks The Bane of SEO

#Backlinks continue to be the bane of SEO. Of course it was how Google originally got started, by ranking websites solely on the number of backlinks (that was kind of a no brainer)
Fast forward to today… In general…
“Activities in which you are in control of the link are the kinds that Google has focused on removing their link power.”

However, Google’s latest advice focuses on promoting your website in order to get backlinks. Just as any normal business promotion would go. Then, AND ONLY THEN will Google count that Link. WHY? Because you were NOT in control of receiving that link.

My guess is that they have some badass algorithm to catch the backlinks that YOU control, versus natural organic links from folks that actually like your site.