Google SEO Guy – Matt Cutts Loves WordPress

WordPress Takes Care of 80 to 90 Percent of SEO – Automatically

Matt Cutts answers the question most bloggers want to know.. “How do I do better in Google?”

Matt Cutts is Google’s Anti-Spam guy – Just know that high Google ranking is the opposite of spam!

First and foremost, Matt says WordPress users have made a fantastic choice…. WordPress takes care of 80 to 90 percent of SEO automatically. …when I say  that I mean the mechanics…. You’re really, really intelligent because you’ve selected WordPress…

wordpress matt cutts

Google Guy – Matt Cutts Loves WordPress


You know we’re  a huge fan of WordPress and it’s our number one recommendation for SEO. This one platform will allow you to easily implement all of the techniques we teach. Matt gives tips on how to optimize WordPress for SEO.
Talking about how to rank higher in Google and even elaborates on how Google works.

You also know that we don’t chase the latest fads and stick with the basics.  This YouTube video from a WordPress conference is a little old – However – all of the basics that Google (and Matt) tell us are still 100% valid today – Provide High Quality Content! This one fact never changes.

Be Relevant AND Reputable

Relevant: is what you say on your page.

Reputable is what people say about you and how they link to you. Both he number of people that link to you AND how important those links are. IT MUST BE BOTH!

You want to be both. You want to be on topic and you want to be reputable.

wordpress matt cutts

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