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Google Loves WordPress – Garden Variety Website Builders Hurt Your Business – I’ve been Saying This All Along

When you’re using WordPress, Drupal, or any other open-source platform, you have the ability to do literally anything you want with your website.

These page builders are everywhere – Don’t be lured in by the ease of use. Learn WordPress, it’s free, it’s not that hard, and you do not have to use the WordPress HTML code editor option to build a website. Even though these website builders claim the incorporate SEO – They really do not – It’s a smoke screen.

Google Loves WordPress

How To Install WordPress on a GoDaddy Hosted Website

WordPress Setup on GoDaddy

GoDaddy Makes WordPress Installation a Breeze!

godaddy wordpress instructions

Please Note: This Step by Step tutorial is on Setting up WordPress properly for maximum SEO on an existing GoDaddy account with an existing hosting plan like: Economy (or Deluxe) Linux Hosting with cPanel. This tutorial was created 09.26.16. The appearance of the screenshots change fairly often on GoDaddy, but the overall concept stays the same.
1. Open cPanel
2. Add your Domain Name to your GoDaddy Hosting Account (if you have more than one)
3. Install WordPress on Your Hosting Account
For our latest instructions, please visit:
Remember, three things are needed to make a website go live:
1. Register your Domain Name ( www.YOUR-WEB-ADDRESS-GOES-HERE.COM )
2. Sign up for a Hosting account (this hosts your website building program on a server connected to the world wide web)
3. Design your website using a website builder – (like WordPress) Designing includes the layout (Templates are called “Themes” in WordPress), color scheme and uploading your content (Text, Images and Videos). If you want to use WordPress to build your website, you have to first install it on your hosting account, which is what this tutorial is all about.
Three things are assumed, therefore we will not be going into much detail on these in this tutorial:
1. You have already signed up for a GoDaddy account. If you have not already set up an account, do so – ( you’ll need a credit card and make a note of your user ID, password and four digit call in PIN number)
2. You have already registered your domain name (on GoDaddy)
3. You have already signed up for a hosting program (on GoDaddy)

Click here to download the PDF Instructions on How To Install WordPress on a GoDaddy Hosted Website

Google SEO Guy – Matt Cutts Loves WordPress

WordPress Takes Care of 80 to 90 Percent of SEO – Automatically

Matt Cutts answers the question most bloggers want to know.. “How do I do better in Google?”

Matt Cutts is Google’s Anti-Spam guy – Just know that high Google ranking is the opposite of spam!

First and foremost, Matt says WordPress users have made a fantastic choice…. WordPress takes care of 80 to 90 percent of SEO automatically. …when I say  that I mean the mechanics…. You’re really, really intelligent because you’ve selected WordPress…

wordpress matt cutts

Google Guy – Matt Cutts Loves WordPress


You know we’re  a huge fan of WordPress and it’s our number one recommendation for SEO. This one platform will allow you to easily implement all of the techniques we teach. Matt gives tips on how to optimize WordPress for SEO.
Talking about how to rank higher in Google and even elaborates on how Google works.

WordPress Image File Folder Image Search

Store Images in a Folder (Directory) Named Images

We think it makes it easier on the Google Spiders to find all of your images if they are stored in a folder (directory) called “images”. Note that a directory is just a fancy name for a folder on the server that hosts your website program and files.

For Example:

If you use WordPress, Google has also indicated that another good practice is to create a standalone landing page just for your images, with the ability to allow visitor comments.

We think you should do both.

If you are using WordPress, see the screenshot below from FileZilla for creating a special “images” file folder on your server that you can store your images in.

Google Loves Blogs

That’s right. We’ll devote a whole chapter to this in our new edition.  AND WordPress is your best solution to create a fully functional, scale-able website, with a blog page incorporated as  a page within the website.  WordPress Wins!

Proof positive.  Greg just wrote an article on DNV Fabrication for his metal fabrication business at Ocean Fab. DNV certification is competitive worldwide, and within 24 hours the article ranked #2 on a regular Google search and an image from the article ranked #5 on Google Image Search.

#2 In Google Search Within 24 Hours

google loves blogs


#5 In Google Image Search Within 24 hours


google loves wordpress