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Uploading & Optimizing Your Videos for YouTube & Google Search

Optimizing our videos for YouTube uses the same concept as optimizing our website for the search engines and most of it is done during the uploading process. We’re simply optimizing the video for our keywords that our customers are searching for on YouTube (and Google). Like regular search engine optimization, the goal is to get our videos to show up high in the YouTube search results— preferably in the top 10. This only takes a few seconds and it is done using the various metadata areas, which YouTube provides at the YouTube upload dashboard.

Define: Metadata – In this case YouTube refers to Metadata as any and all additional information provided on a video. This includes the title, description, tags, clickable annotations, and thumbnail image.

YouTube uses ranking factors to determine which videos get shown at the top of each search results page (SERP). Google is looking at signals from things like your video’s click through rate, number of views, the amount of time viewers spend watching it, the ratings, comments, sharing, and last but not least, the backlinks directly to the YouTube video URL. They’re looking at the interactions of real people sharing and discussing your content.

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