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Removing Unnatural Backlinks

Removing Unnatural Backlinks

Maybe your competitor subscribed you to one of those link sharing farms? Maybe you unwittingly hired an unscrupulous website designer or SEO Black Hat marketer? Or maybe you just did not realize it was against the rules.

Google realizes these are all reasons to forgive you for unnatural links. Forgiveness is enlightening even in Google’s eyes. : )

However, you have to take action yourself and it will take some work. We dive into this in Chapter 11, “Google Hates Cheaters”. Just know that Google has some guidelines on removing unnatural backlinks.

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Google looks for patterns of unnatural artificial, deceptive, or manipulative links pointing to your site. Remember, buying links or participating in link sharing farms or link schemes in order to manipulate PageRank is a violation of Google’s Guidelines.

Follow the steps below to remove any unnatural backlinks form your website:

Check Your Backlinks

Use Google’s Search Console Tool to See Your Backlinks

Who Has Linked to Your Site?

It’s pretty easy to determine all of the websites that are linking to you. You can choose between one of two ways: search your URL or use your account at Google’s Search Console.

1. Link: Operator
To find a “sampling” of links to your website, you can simply do a Google search using the link: operator.

For example, a Google search for will list a selection of the web pages that have links pointing to our website.