email Marketing Is Bad For SEO

Is #emailMarketing good for your business? Does it really work? I say NO! I’ll prove it below… Spend your time optimizing your website for higher Google Search results.

I rarely look in my spam folder (who does?). Gmail automatically filters what they consider spam emails to that folder. I recently looked in there for an email that I was missing. While there, I noticed that several email lists that I actually would like to receive were being funneled there.

How does a business’s email end up being funneled to the spam folder?

#1 They constantly send too many emails.

#2 They don’t send interesting emails.

#3 It’s easier for their subscribers to hit he spam button in their email client, than it is to follow the links back to the marketer’s website to “Unsubscribe”.

It doesn’t matter how it hapens, it just happens!

WORSE YET – The doamain tied to that email (AKA – your website – the part after the @ sign) gets flagged by Google as a #SpamWebsite
* Google owns Gmail, so they are watching!

Interesting that an email from #MyThemeShop ended up in my spam. This is one of the largest developers of WordPress website themes…. It seems like if they can’t figure it out, no one can.

Screenshots below from my spam folder: