Google Search Console Dashboard

Google Search Console Dashboard


Google re-branded Webmaster Tools into Search Console in 2015. Their intent was loud and clear. They took a platform from super geeky down to the layperson’s level overnight. They made it intuitive, easy to navigate, and fully searchable. They are now offering clear answers to SEO questions, which were vague (to say the least) prior to the Search Console.

Click Here for the link to the Google Search Console Dashboard.

This is Google’s main SEO tool and learning center. They re-branded it by purposely de-emphasizing the geeky word “Webmaster” so that they could attract the business owner to use it.

In fact, their home screen says it all: “We want to help you have a Google friendly site.”

How To: There are actually two tools offered here: 

  1. Google Search Console – Help
  2. Google Search Console  -Dashboard.

For Accessing your Google Search Console Dashboard, you must be logged into your Google account. The help Area does not require an account