Industry Jargon Keywords

Industry Jargon Keywords

Be aware of Industry Jargon, street jargon, and politically correct jargon. We all learned early on in marketing 101 of English class that it’s always better to “speak the reader’s language” when writing anything. The common public might not be searching for the keywords from your industry jargon. It does not matter if your words are technically correct. The terms that folks are using in real life, and therefore plugging into Google, is what matters.

Technical jargon examples include “HVAC repair” when folks are just searching for “heater repair” to get their broken heater fixed.

Politically correct examples might be “Visually Impaired” versus “Blind” or “Stewardess”, versus “Flight Attendant”—you get the picture.

Real World Example: See some examples on using industry jargon from Greg’s manufacturing business: “Laptop” computers versus “Notebook” computers and “Concrete” versus “Cement”.

Dell, Apple, and HP don’t make laptop computers. In fact, they would rather you not use them in your lap. They make “notebook” computers.

Greg patented his laptop stand in 2003, and started optimizing for keywords.  He could have chosen the technically correct term “notebook stand” However, he knew that the common public was searching for “laptop stands”.

Another example is in his concrete countertop business.  Technically concrete is made up of: Cement + Sand + Aggregate + Water.  However, many people refer to concrete as “cement”  Therefore, he optimizes for both words. Cement countertops and concrete countertops.