Keywords in the Meta Tags

Keywords in the Meta Tags

Meta Tags consist of information, hidden within the programming code of the website. Usually this information is never seen by human eye, but the Google Spider Programs (Spiders) see it and pay extra special attention to it.

For SEO there are three important Meta Tags:

1. Title Tag

2. Description Meta Tag

3. Keyword Meta Tag. (The keyword meta tag is not very important anymore, but fill them out and NEVER repeat a keyword here; that is called Keyword Stuffing.)

Meta Tags serve two purposes. First, they tell the search engines what your website is all about. Second, they can show up in the search results and tell people what your site is about.

Learn More: We know, we promised not to get to geeky on you. However, we have to talk about these Meta Tags. You don’t have to know exactly how they work from a programming standpoint, you just have to know they are there and they are very important.

The good news is that they are super easy to insert. Any website design program will make it obvious where to insert these meta tags, or your website designer will now how. 

A screen shot form the WordPress Page Editor is shown below. Just fill in the boxes with your Title and Description meta tag.

wordpress description meta tag