Top 5 SEO Tips Working Right Now

  1. WordPress… The are a few exceptions, but for the vast majority of small to medium sized businesses, a WordPress website is hands down the easiest way to implement all of the techniques in this book. It forms a foundation and gives you a fantastic head start to implement the tips we are sharing with you between these pages. In fact we dedicated a whole chapter to it! Beg borrow or steal (well, don’t steal) but get your website converted to the WordPress platform and dedicate one of you pages as the blog page as fast as you can! See Chapter 8 Google Loves Blogs
  2. Title Tag… Review Your Home page Title Tag. We’ll bet it has your name in it. Or maybe worse, it’s called “Home Page”. This is the # 1 place to put your keywords, DO NOT WASTE THIS VALUABLE SPACE ON YOUR NAME – NEW CUSTOMERS DON”T KNOW YOUR NAME – THEREFORE, NO ONE IS SEARCHING FOR YOUR NAME… And if you want local business, put your City as the very first word. (first words rank highest) See Chapters 2 and 7
  3. Facebook… Grab your Facebook business page now! Start posting at least once a week. Two or three awesome posts sharing your industry knowledge and “GIVE FIRST” See Chapter 10 Facebook… Google is Watching
  4. Google Images… You can win much easier in competitive categories by optimizing your images for high ranking in the Google Image Search Engine – See Chapter 3 Be Found on Image Search
  5. YouTube…  Just like Google Image Search, you can win much easier in this space for competitive industries. Why? Because most of your competitors are too lazy to do this. Plus, Google owns it! See Chapter 4 Be Found on YouTube