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Google Mobile Friendly

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Keep in mind that over half of searches are done on mobile devices now. That means that standard page layout is turned on its head. You need to think about how your site looks when users are scrolling down with their thumb.

Google knows that over half of the searches are performed on a mobile device. They have been warning us for years to be mobile friendly. More importantly, we need to accommodate over half of our customers!

In 2015 Google came out and told website owners to get mobile friendly or be penalized. They have never made a statement like this before—so you better pay attention.

This is the first time in history that Google has pre-announced an upcoming algorithm change and they are calling it “significant,” which got our attention. Google is even giving a website address where you can check to see if your website is mobile friendly: Google Mobile-Friendly Test website 

google mobilr friendly

Google Mobile Friendly Test Example – We’re Good!

Google says a mobile friendly website meets the following criteria as detected by Googlebot: