Category: Chapter 10 – Facebook… Google is Watching

Facebook Business Page Call To Action Button

Add a Call-to-Action button to Your Facebook  Business Page

Marketing 101 teaches us that every promotion should have a Call To Action.Calls to action help drive people from Facebook to take actions that are important to your business (for example – Shop Now). You can now prominently feature a call to action on the cover image of your Business Page at no cost.

facebook call to action button

Facebook is just rolling this out, so keep in mind that not everyone has this feature yet.

Automate Posts to All of Your Social Media Platforms

Automate Social Media Posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

We all have businesses to run right?  We know that Google is watching social media like a hawk!  Therefore, we have to be there – sharing our industry knowledge.

The article below suggests two methods to automate your social media posts.

  1. Use a Software and services like HootSuite to make one post and Hootsuite distributes it everywhere for you.
  2. Completely outsource the task to a virtual assistant (it’s cheaper than you think).

Both methods will simplify your life, allowing you to focus more on creating that awesome content that Google loves. 

Google+ Plus Badge For Your Website

Adding a Google+ Badge to Your Website

A Google+ Badge permits visitors to interact with your Google+ Company Page directly from the badge itself. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this and you can read more from Google here.

The Screenshot for our website below shows all 4 of our Social Media Badges on the right column.

social media icons

However, the minimum code required to render a Google+ badge on your website is one JavaScript include and a badge tag.

Add Your Linkedin Company Page Badge and Follow Button to Your Website

Add Your Linkedin Company Page Badge & Follow Button to Your Website

Direct your website visitors to your LinkedIn company profile page with a badge and follow button all together.


Type in your company name, decide which layout you want and copy the code to embed into your website.

linkedIn compnay badge

Add a LinkedIn Follow Button

Owners of LinkedIn Company Pages can add a Follow button to their website. Make it easy for LinkedIn members to follow you. When a LinkedIn member clicks the Follow button, they’ll automatically follow your company on LinkedIn.

The process to get the code is the same as the Badge above.