Copyright Free Images

Copyright Free Images

Caution, consult an attorney if you have any question about your ability to use anyone else’s property. Better safe than sorry.

Do you need some high quality, copyright free content in the form of images and video?

Copyright Free Google Image Search

You can do an advanced search on Google Image Search to show copyright free images. After you search for your keywords, the images are displayed. Click on Search Tools –>Usage Right –>Labels for reuse

See the screenshot example below.

As mentioned before, restriction apply and consult an attorney.


copyright google image search

Copyright Free Government Owned Content

In the US, most all local, state and federal government websites are owned by the people. Therefore, most images on government websites are copyright free. Please note, THIS PROBABLY DOES NOT APPLY TO USING A PICTURE OF ANY PERSONS FROM A GOVERNMENT WEBSITE – CONSULT YOUR ATTORNEY.

The cover of this book is a good example. The background of stars comes form the Hubble space telescope, the world comes for the ISS and the satellite comes from NASA. Just be sure and check the terms fo teh website.

Wikimedia Commons

Check out Wikimedia Commons for over 12 million freely usable, high quality images:

Please note, that not all image on Wikimedia can be used freely, without some form of restrictions, or attributions.

See this page for information about reusing material (text and/or graphics) from Wikimedia Commons — on your own website, in print, or other areas.

The the content on Wikimedia s owned by the individual creators of it.

Most all of content hosted on Wikimedia Commons may be freely reused subject to restrictions. All images have details about the terms of the image license. Under most circumstances, you do not need to obtain permission from the licensor(s) of the content unless you wish to use the work under different terms than the license states.

Content under open content licenses may be reused without any need to contact the licensor(s), but just keep in mind that:

  1. some licenses require that the original creator be attributed.
  2. some licenses require that the specific license be identified when reusing (including, in some cases, stating or linking to the terms of the license).
  3. some licenses require that if you modify the work, your modifications must also be similarly freely licensed; and finally.
  4. some files have been licensed through OTRS volunteers. These licenses can be checked at the OTRS Noticeboard.
  5. Content in the public domain may not have a strict legal requirement of attribution (depending on the jurisdiction of content reuse), but attribution is recommended to give correct provenance.
  6. If you reuse files from Commons for your own purposes, you should verify the copyright status of each image just like you would when obtaining images from other sources.