Photography Lighting

Photography Lighting

Lighting is going to be your biggest challenge. Poor lighting can make an expensive camera look bad, and great lighting can make a cheap camera look fantastic. It’s all about the lighting and you have to think ahead and plan for it: the time of day, the weather, etc.

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The goal of lighting is to create flat, diffused light and eliminate shadows. We’re trying to mimic a bright overcast day, which are the best circumstances to take pictures. To do this indoors, use two lights, pointing towards the subject from a height just above the person’s eye line. A good rule of thumb is to place the lights about three feet away from the subject. The lights should be located on either side of the camera, right in front of the lens.

Soften the light with diffusion material in front of the light source, or bouncing the light off another surface suitable for diffusing and reflecting it back on the subject.